A.S.T.M. srl - Mechanical Components

A.S.T.M. is a collector of different manufacturing processes of hot metal formingwhich offers customers a complete examination of industrializationfeasibility of mechanical components to the project or design, providing a practical and fast response to needs of technical and design offices.

A.S.T.M. coordinates and makes usable different processes for technologysize and capacity, united by a fundamental objective: to obtain complex geometric shapes withshaping and compaction of the fibers without interruption rolling of raw materials,giving the product the optimization of the mechanical properties , with a simultaneous reduction of the masses and use of mechanical finishing.

The production is located on the slopes of Lake Comoin a land of mountainswaterway since ancient metalliferous mining ironaimed at the production of tools and weaponsThis ancient tradition has encouraged the local people to create a happy blend of the traditional mechanical technologies and the latest technological developments, promoting the formation of a rich fabric of small businesses, able torespond to the needs of high production quality and quantity.

A.S.T.M. srl