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A.S.T.M. Srl
From the craftsmanship of the first 800 years of forging thin flash of 
blades and tools, through
six Valsecchi (Canlord) generations, ASTM Ltd. 
continues today with precision hot&cold steel and non-ferrous alloys forging
and hydroforming in the automotive,
aerospace, military and civil,
construction, medical, agriculture and many others.

The advantages of forging than other processes are:   1. Increased mechanical strength, the molecules and the metal fibers
are aligned and distributed according to the lines of force.
2. Structural integrity, no risk of blowholes or reduction of the resistant section.
3. Material saving, allows to obtain the crude form closest to the finished product. 4. Less weight, smaller parts with same mechanical resistance.    5. Reduction of work, minimum raw material allowance on the particular crude.

Six generations of skilled craftsmen in the forged manuals and forestry tools have been the origin of industrial forging factory run by Mr. Giacomo Valsecchi in the second half of the last century, which lasted until the present day through the work of his son Pierangelo, director of A.S.T.M. srl.

A.S.T.M. born to coordinate and make available a practical and fast response to the needs of the engineering departments and project, as collector for the different processes of hot and cold metal forming, providing a customer service of feasibility study and industrial processes for mechanical components according to specific designs and drawings.

A.S.T.M. brings together a variety of production processes differing in technology, size and capacity but linked by a fundamental principle: obtain complex geometric shapes by forming, compacting non-interrupting the metallurgical fibers at origin of raw materials, giving to parts an increase of mechanical properties, the reduction of masses and mechanical finishing.

In order to better meet the demand of a growing market, it led to the develop new products designed for the mechanical industry and allowed is customer to obtain finished products, thanks to the network of external partners constituted in previous years A.S.T.M. focuses its activities in the die forging by open and closed molds for components ranging from 0,200Kg to 25kg in carbon-alloyed steels, stainless steel and nickel alloys, becoming independent for the design and implementation of its production equipments, along with the integration of specific professionals to complete its technical staff.

A.S.T.M. srl